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Employee Appreciation


On-site massage is the hottest trend in VIP treatment for employees and customers.
HIP Healthy Innovative Processes  has licensed therapists to provide relaxing 15-minute massages accompanied by aromatherapy and soothing music. We design our programs so they won’t disrupt workflow.
Two Day Appreciation- for up to 100 Employees -  Reg Price $1,600  
Two Days (6 hrs ea)     Two Registered Massage Therapists
100 15-minute Relaxation Massages    Aromatherapy and Music

One Day Appreciation - for up to 50 Employees – Reg Price $800              
One Day (6 hrs)    Two Registered Massage Therapists
50 15-minute Relaxation Massages   Aromatherapy and Music

Gift Packs On-site 15-minute chair massage packages
Licensed Therapists   Aromatherapy and Music
Buy 24 - $360   
Save $90   Reg Price $450
Buy 12 - $180   
Save $45   Reg Price $225
Buy 8 - $120   
Save $30   Reg Price $150
Ask us about our special discounted pricing.


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