FAQ - For Staff

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Licensed Clinicians interested in working with HIP.

1. Where will clients come from?

Clients will come from a combination of HIP referrals and marketing efforts of all team members. HIP receives 75-100 new referrals per week . For those working on State and Federal contracts, the clients will come from customer referrals.

2. Am I an employee of the company?

No; In the beginning all providers are contractors 1099 contractors. The exception is for those working on State and Federal contracts in which case the provider is an employee. If you are hired to work on a State or Federal contract, you will be given all the necessary paperwork to complete and will be required to pass a background check.

3. How many panels does HIP credential me on as a Licensed provider?

Currently, we are paneling employee and contract clinicians on 10 insurances. And are contracting with clinicians who want to transition into full-time employment with HIP; full-time is 32 hours per week and the clinician must already be connected with 2 to 5 insurance panels. Panels are applicable for State contracts in some instances but not for Federal contracts.

4. How long does the credentialing process take?

Credentialing may take up to 120 days, as such, marketing and generating buzz of your affiliation with HIP is critical. Required supporting documents include: resume with HIP information, license, liability, CAQH number, NPI number, copy of degrees, CEUs. You will receive a more detailed list should you decide to accept this opportunity.

5. What if I am already connected with insurances through my own tax id or social security number?

Any existing independent affiliation EAP’s / insurances will require that HIP’s Tax ID be added to your clinician profile.

6. When are contractors paid?

The 10 th NLT than the 20 th day of the month post services provided i.e. October sessions are paid on the 10 th NLT than the 20 th of November; only for clients who show for their appointments.

7. How many clients must I have on my schedule as a contractor in a single week before I may be transferred to employee status?

You must have 24 clients scheduled within a single week.

8. When are staff/employees paid?

Staff are paid on the 15 th and last day of the month via EFT.

9 . How do I document or keep track of my clients?

A rolling transaction log is to be maintained. This tracking device will calculate monies collected/ monies due as well as track clients per month.

10. How do I access internal emails as well as scheduled sessions on my calendar?

Email access is granted through our internal server. Calendar is accessible through the Outlook web based server.

11. Is there travel time involved when counseling clients or do the clients come to the office?

This is an outpatient facility as such, all clients report to one of HIP’s office locations (Afton Oaks, Mabry or Main). Currently, home visits are NOT part of a clinician’s caseload.

12. Is the contractor reimbursed for any travel while marketing, attending a health fair (on behalf of HIP) or any other business related service.

No, the clinician will not be reimbursed for mileage as marketing efforts are coordinated in conjunction with HIP’s Marketing Liaison (hereafter referred to as ML). The clinician will accompany the ML on predetermined dates as such, traveling to and from marketing sites will be facilitated by the ML

13 . Do I provide my own Malpractice Insurance?

Yes, as an independent provider and contractor, you must carry the minimum as regulated by your licensing board. Even as an employee all carry individual liability insurance 1mil to 3 mil per many EAP’s / insurances.

14 . Who will bill for the sessions?

HIP will bill for all HIP referred sessions based on billing tickets and/or transaction logs submitted after each session.

15. May I see private pay clients as an employee of HIP?

Yes; however you are only paid your hourly rate; all funds are paid to HIP.

16. What if the client pays more than my hourly rate?

Again all funds are paid to HIP.

17 . How long before I see my first client?

Immediately as a contractor if you are on a EAP insurances panel; Credentialing is essential.