Fitness & Nutrition


HIP Healthy Innovative Processes is pleased to offer nutrition and fitness by registered dietitians and certified fitness trainers who work together to help build a healthy nutrition and fitness plan designed just for you.
Our fitness trainers offer a wide range of training ability - everything from individual training with
clients who have special needs due to physical limitations, to working with elite athletes who are training for peak performance in upcoming events. They also offer small group “Boot Camp”
classes for those preferring the motivation of a group experience.
The registered dietitians have over 5 years of experience in counseling clients with disease-specific dietary needs. Their areas of specialty include, but are not limited to:
Women’s Health Issues
Heart Disease
Eating Disorders
Adult and Childhood Obesity
High Cholesterol
Sports Nutrition

Marcella Martin Life Coach speaks frequently on topics relating to health and wellness. In addition to her strong nutrition background, Martin has real life experience with losing (150 plus pounds) has years of experience in weight loss and mediation and has devoted much of her career to making healthy food taste good. She is available for mediation classes and group seminars for corporate clients. Contact Marcella via email at [email protected] ; Marcella is also profiled on Psychology Today - soon follow her blog.